3 ways to start your digital selling journey

3 ways to start your digital selling journey


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Now that we've established that transactional digital presence is essential for every business, selling digitally has led to shortening the sales cycles and easing customers buying process these days.


You are all set with the product and have gathered a few customers through your friends and family. You now want to step up and explore the eCommerce world. This article exactly helps you with your search to find the best eCommerce solution for your business as well as explore the options of selling through marketplaces and social selling.


The secret behind digital selling is that now consumers are getting useful and relevant support at every stage. Today selling online has advanced so much that businesses can find the most suitable platform to sell their product or services to the right audience. The first thing to figure out is where to source them.


Here is the most used platform used to sell online.


1. Ecommerce store builders like Linker.store

Users who don’t have coding experience, and who want a robust online store


Having your e-store is the best way to sell online because you’re in complete control, you decide how your products are presented. You don’t need to depend on the algorithms of the third-party platform. Online store builders ease the technical processes and allow you to focus on other parts of the business.


One thing to keep in mind is that these platforms are designed to help you sell. With pre-designed themes that can be helpful to add content and colour to your online store are created with marketing in mind. Having your online store gives you credibility. Online shoppers are cynical, the more reasons you give them to trust you, the more likely they are to buy from you. Marketing to those abandoned carts also helps to those potential customers back to the buying page.


Would you buy a bottle from a seller who has an Amazon account? Or the one with their website, integrated with social media and marketplaces?


2. Selling on marketplaces 

Users who want to start selling online quickly and do not mind competition.


The process of starting to sell at these marketplaces is very easy. Marketplaces give your product vast exposure with a massive number of potential clients, but how do you stand out from your competitors?


Marketplaces are beneficial and easy to handle but relying solely on them in a colossal mistake, and new competitors are joining every day. There will always be a price war at these marketplaces. At the customers tend the buy the cheapest products with decent reviews. There is also a sales fee that needs to be paid to these marketplaces, depending on your sales, products, etc.


3. Selling on social media platforms

 Users who want to connect their existing e-store to Facebook, Instagram


Social media is also an upcoming way to match your products with customers. To get started with selling on social media, you need to create a business page and then add the ‘buy’ button. The biggest drawback of selling only on social media is that you need to manage the very time-consuming orders manually. But similarly, with you selling through your online store linked to your Facebook page, you can manage all the orders from one place.


What is the right fit for your business? 

You are the best judge to decide what the best option for your business to go digital. The digital transaction is essential for every business. GlobalLinker’s Linker.store is an excellent fit for every business apart from being free of cost, an integrated payment gateway, and automated logistics and support at every step your way. 


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