Amplify Digital: Disrupt the core at WCIT-NLIF 2018

Amplify Digital: Disrupt the core at WCIT-NLIF 2018

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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WCIT-NILF 2018 (World Congress on Information Technology- NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2018) to be held in Hyderabad, from 19-21 February will bring together businesses from across the globe from various industries.

The theme of the event is ‘Amplify Digital: Disrupt the Core’ and the objective of the event is to set a roadmap for fulfilling the promise of the digital age. 


This year’s WICT-NILF 2018 promises to be a landmark event. Distinguished speakers who have played a role in defining the global business landscape will share their insights. The event will focus on ideation, discussion, networking and learning, making it a stepping stone for SMEs looking to get a competitive edge in their industry. Staying abreast with and preparing for trends is the best way of assuring a growth trajectory for your SME in the ‘Digital Age’.

There will be sessions about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, automation and how a business may embrace digitisation to be ‘Firm of the Future’. 


As an SME, attending this event could give you the learning, networking opportunity and rich insights necessary to leverage the next stage in the ‘Digital Age’.


Amplify Digital - Disrupt the Core

Digitisation has pervaded the heart of businesses, though the level of penetration is varied across industry verticals. Now embedded in the core of businesses, this is a disruption of an altogether different level. The event will focus on its many facets, including opportunities, challenges and pave the onward journey.

The theme is broken down into five interlinked modules to better facilitate ideation, discussion and learning. The five modules are - Bracing for impact, Digitise the core, Firm of the Future, Emerging imperatives and Collaborate to disrupt.

The sub-topics are listed by module below:


1. Bracing for impact (Big shifts/ discontinuities impacting the business environment)

  • Disruptive Tech - AI, VR, Blockchain, IoT, Data
  • Glocalization - Boundaries in a flat world
  • Digital First - Citizens and consumers
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution


2. Digitise the core (Embracing digital in the "heart of business")

  • Embedding "new tech" across the core: 
    • Operations & processes 
    • Go to market
  • Teaming - aggressively partner for IP, assets and expertise
  • Teeing up talent - re-skill/ skill-up
  • Digital Workspace


3. Firm of the Future (FoF) (Traits/ attributes of a firm that will thrive in the future)

  • Digitally immersed CEO - Leading with clarity and Conviction
  • Design to Disrupt
  • Agility in decision-making
  • Simplicity as the DNA


4. Emerging Imperatives (Evolving threats / challenges and required guardrails)

  • Digital Economy and Regulation
  • Jobs in the age of intelligent automation
  • Securing data as threats rapidly mutate
  • Privacy dilemma in a world of Data explosion


5. Collaborate to Disrupt (Disrupt boundaries across countries and businesses)

  • Open Innovation
  • Moon shot solutions- can digital scale for social Impact
  • Circular Economy


Attend WCIT-NILF 2018 and learn how your SME can be best prepared to make the most of the onset of this next stage in the digital age.

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