As a small business owner, what does freedom mean to me

As a small business owner, what does freedom mean to me


Jaimin Doshi

Jaimin Doshi

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Background: As we celebrate the 73rd Independence Day on 15 August 2019, let us take a moment to praise and appreciate all the SMEs out there who have defied odds and braved challenges to establish meaningful businesses, impacting the lives of millions of people across the nation. Starting a business of your own can give you unparalleled freedom and happiness believes Jaimin Doshi, founder of Colors Polymers.

I have worked in the corporate sector for two years so I am quite aware of the differences in working at a job and owning a small business. I am not saying that you should not pursue a job, in fact I am of the opinion that one should definitely gain experience at a job for certain amount of time before starting a business. A job teaches you many things which one never can learn in business. However, if you get a chance, and you truly want to watch your dreams materialise into reality, do start a small business and see the difference. Owning a business is a huge thing, doesn’t matter if it’s small. And I am not saying because I am a businessman, the challenges and adventures associated with starting a new venture give you so may experiences and make you experienced in a short duration of time.

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I agree that business brings independence from the constraints of a prescribed work culture. In business you can enjoy independence from the following things:

1. Independence from fixed office timings

As long as you are able to meet all the requirements of your work, business does not require you to report at a particular time. Also when your work is over, it is not required to sit till the clock says it is time to go home. You are truly independent to adjust your schedule.

2. Independence from judgmental boss

Some great businessman has said, "An employee never leaves a company; he leaves his/her immediate boss." We often see in corporate culture or in any job, the employees have a hard time forming a good rapport with their immediate boss. This is because employees are always judged by their bosses and this reduces the productivity and performance of an employee. In business, the owner is the judge of his own performance; based on how well or bad he is doing. Here no one is to motivate you or judge you; you are your own fuel!

3. Independence from fixed earnings

In job when you do extremely well or extremely bad your earnings don’t get affected at that sudden point of time. You get your salary what you were agreed upon. However in business if you do more, you are able to earn more. This is also applicable vice versa. But yes your earnings are not fixed and that is a big independence.

4. Independence from single type of work

At a job, you are associated to a particular work profile and based on that you carry out your tasks. For instance, if you are doing accounts then you only deal with accounts, if you are in sales then you do sales. However business opens up many doors where you have the freedom of doing multiple tasks by yourself. Sometimes you can have a dedicated person for one task but in business you have to understand all the processes.

5. Independence to take decisions

We have seen that mostly in a job, employees are not allowed to make decisions or take call on important things. This is mostly because of fear that employees might learn all the important aspects and they will start their own business! While in business, you are the one to make all decisions. You have the freedom to create the culture you wish to work in! If you don’t empower your employees and allow them to grow, your business will never grow beyond a certain limit. So business allows you to set your own standards.

Thus business gives you independence to do many things your own way. However it’s said, “With great independence, comes great responsibilities”. So if you don’t learn to wield this independence with responsibility, it can backfire too! So enjoy the gift independence a business offers and watch yourself grow.

Wishing all my fellow entrepreneurs a very Happy Independence Day!


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