How to create a custom domain for your online store?

How to create a custom domain for your online store?


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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A domain name is your website name. It is the address where online users can access your website on the internet. Your domain name is the online identity of your business that also often reflects what products and services you offer.


Why should you get a custom domain?

A customised domain name plays a significant role in driving more traffic to your online store.

  • It adds professional credibility to your business and separates you from other online stores.
  • Increases your brand visibility. Much like a storefront window, the right domain will create awareness and attract customers.
  • Increases your search engine ranking. As your business grows and you develop your online store with quality content, your domain name will become more recognisable in search engines. This will help you draw more customers to your online store.


Also read: How to customise your ecommerce store's domain name to stand out provides you three options to get a custom domain.

1. While creating your online store with (GlobalLinker's ecommerce platform) the ‘’ domain extension is given to you for free to start with.

2. You can also purchase a custom domain at a pre-negotiated discounted price. 

In case you choose to purchase a domain name, you will have to buy an SSL certificate, that can also be purchased via GlobalLinker.

3. Alternatively, you can use your own existing domain for your online store.


Steps to create a custom domain for your online store

Customising your store domain involves following these five simple steps:

1. Provide the domain name

2. Purchase an SSL certificate for your domain name

3. Generate CSR certificate

4. Submit the SSL certificate details

5. Change DNS management settings


Watch this video to learn more.



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