Relevance of bulk messages for small business marketing

Relevance of bulk messages for small business marketing


Paras Singh

Paras Singh

352 week ago — 5 min read

We are a part of a global business ecosystem which is full of numerous entities, each aiming at surpassing the others in their respective domains. It’s not a hidden fact that many startups don’t succeed. For a successful foray and explicit growth, irrespective of the industry, it is imperative that businesses understand and fulfil the needs of their target consumers.


Keeping your customers satisfied over a period can help you keep generating more business. If your consumers are aware of the latest offers and products that you are offering to them, they are more likely to stick to your products and services.


Constant connectivity is very important between brands and consumers. There are various ways in which you can connect and communicate with your target audience; and bulk SMS marketing is one of the most common medium.


SMEs across the country use bulk SMS services to promote their brands. If you are not already promoting your brand through bulk SMS services, here’s why it makes sense to start doing so as soon as you can:


1. Speed

Whether you are sending promotional messages or transactional messages, bulk messages can be sent in a jiffy, helping you connect with your audience instantly. So, if you want your marketing messages to be sent out rapidly and responded to, use a bulk SMS service today!

The additional benefit is that you are sure that they land in your customer’s mobile phone and gets notices instead of getting piled up under ads on digital media.


2. Flexibility

Bulk SMSs are a great choice whether you want to target a small group of people, or thousands of people. You always have the edge of being able to customize the message campaigns as per your recipient group subscribers. If you are looking up to announcing a great brand update or a promotional message, the SMS can easily be modified as per your needs. Moreover, they can be integrated with the rest of your marketing activities easily.


3. High ‘read’ rate

When you send bulk emails, it is likely that they will not be read by the recipients and may end up in a spam folder! In contrast, most SMSs are usually opened and read. Most people respond to that ‘beep’ or vibration on that phone that indicates an incoming SMS. In fact, in some cases, messages open on their own unlike an email; which requires internet connectivity to reach the audience.


4. High conversion

Compared to other marketing media, there is more action on bulk SMSs. Be it a promotional SMS or some contest, more recipients are likely to take an action.


5. More in less

If you have executed an outdoor advertising campaign, rolled out television ads, or other costly marketing strategies, you probably know the amount of investment required for these. On the other hand, bulk SMS services require minimum investment and lead to greater returns. You can reach a large number of people in an instant with very less cost implications, making your campaign more efficient and effective.


6. Short and crisp messaging

Many believe that the 160-character limit of an SMS may not help them pass on the right message. On the contrary, this can work in your favour. The recipients usually show a positive response to a short message that is clear and concise, as compared to a long emailer. You can use shortcodes to make your messages clear using least characters.


7. Environment-friendly

Yes, even though digital marketing is ‘green’ no marketing can ever be too green, right? Bulk SMSs are another green marketing medium.

So, listed above are some reasons to adopt Bulk SMS services in the digital world. Do some online research and embark on this medium today!

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