10 Skills That Will Make You A Remarkable Leader

10 Skills That Will Make You A Remarkable Leader

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GlobalLinker Staff

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Being an effective and inspiring leader is a fine balance of inherent and acquired qualities. A subtle shift in thinking and a new perspective can help you become a great leader from a merely able one.

Let’s find out what are the skills that can make you an exceptional leader.

  1. Possessing a keen business sense
    The prerequisite for business success is insightfulness and quickness in handling every situation. In a competitive business environment, a coherent, incisive understanding of the business ecosystem is vital to make you an effective leader.

  2. Being a good listener
    Most proficient leaders have good articulation skills. However, to be a great leader you must understand the value of listening to gather more information and assess a situation. The ability to listen to your employees, clients and partners helps you take the right decisions and makes you a more inclusive leader.

  3. Communicating effectively
    Great leaders excel at communicating effectively with employees, clients and partners. The ability to clearly explain tasks and assignments to employees is an invaluable skill. Good communicators keep their employees, clients and partners informed of all major updates and project statuses.

  4. Having the gift of sound judgment
    Leaders often have to trust their instinct if they are in a business dilemma. To be a remarkable leader, you must have a great sense of judgment and the ability to discern right from wrong intuitively. Sound judgment becomes especially crucial while settling disputes, dealing with demanding clients, taking business decisions and hiring staff.

  5. Delegating wisely
    Effective leaders realise that as the business grows, they need to distribute responsibilities. Delegation is the art of assigning the right person for a particular task. To be a brilliant leader, you must be good at delegating important responsibilities and building a team that can effectively carry out these tasks.

  6. Finding creative solutions
    Problem solving is one of the hallmarks of a leader. An entrepreneur is expected to solve major and minor hurdles on a daily basis. Truly effective leaders are those who find creative solutions to all problems. Moreover, an inspirational leader must view problems not as roadblocks but rather as opportunities.

  7. Creating an inspired culture
    A creative and open culture inspires everyone to perform optimally. A vital quality of an outstanding leader is the ability to create an atmosphere of excellence where all employees are motivated to do their best. Innovation and high performance require such an open and inspired environment.

  8. Being flexible
    The one constant in life is change. Moreover, in business, things rarely pan out exactly the way one has planned. To be able to adapt to a changing business scenario and to be open to new ideas is the path to being a remarkable leader

  9. Brimming with positivity
    A leader must be brimming with positivity if he/she wants to keep his team motivated and inspired, no matter how grim the situation. It takes a very special kind of leader to remain positive in the face of challenges. A leader sets the tone for the entire team and if he is easily disheartened, then the team is likely to lose steam.

  10. Acting with wisdom, courage & compassion
    The underlying qualities that determine the success of a leader are wisdom, compassion and courage. In the words of Douglas MacArthur, “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.”

One does not become a great leader overnight. It takes time, patience and painstaking effort. If you are open to learning along the way and working closely with your team, then you will find many like-minded individuals on your entrepreneurial journey. Always remember, you have the ability to develop and hone each of these skills within yourself. 


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