A Vacation in the Middle of a Flower Garden; Ella Flower Garden Resort

A Vacation in the Middle of a Flower Garden; Ella Flower Garden Resort

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Commercial Bank LEAP Team

Commercial Bank LEAP Team

55 week ago — 4 min read

Enterprise: Ella Flower Garden Resort

Managing Partner: Sashika Bambaranda

Industry: Hospitality

Location: Ella, Bandarawela, Badulla and Wellawaya


If you want to spend a vacation in the middle of a flower garden in the beautiful Ella area, today we are preparing to tell you about such a place. That is Ella Flower Garden Resort. So today we are talking to Mr. Sashika Bambaranda, Managing Partner of Ella Flower Garden Resort.


1. Firstly, let's talk about your business and how it was started, shall we?

Ella Flower Garden Resort is a business focused on providing accommodation to foreign and local tourists visiting Ella, Bandarawela, Badulla and Wellawaya. Apart from this, we also run a restaurant service with high quality food as per international standards. Also, we have recently opened a ballroom facility for those looking for a beautiful and different venue for weddings and other parties. The modern design of the hall makes it extremely attractive.


2. How does your business differ from other competing businesses?

One of our uniqueness is the location of the business. The view of Ella Rock from our hotel, and it is the main factor that attracts tourists. In addition, we maintain a flower garden at the entrance of the hotel, and having a flower garden with distinct types of flowers including rare plants has made the name of the hotel even popular. And we believe that the quality of our service is a key factor in our success.


3. What challenges have you faced in this journey and are you facing any recently?

Due to the Easter attack and the spread of Covid-19, we faced major challenges in the past. Tourist arrivals dropped drastically. Currently, the business is slowly recovering, and the bank loans taken during tough times have started to repaying.


4. Let's talk about your future business dream, shall we?

Our dream has always been to capture a significant market share in Ella in the hospitality sector. The brand "Ella Flower Garden Resort" has already reached a level that we never expected at the beginning of the business. And hope to introduce a complete package with all the services to the customers so that they do not have to look for the services from elsewhere.


5. How was the support received from Commercial Bank during your journey?

We started the business as growers of ornamental flowers and plants. Later, with the expansion of tourism in the Ella area, the business was diversified by containing accommodation facilities for foreigners. We started the business with the financial support of the Bandarawela branch of the Commercial Bank. From that day till today, the bank has been supporting our business every step of the way and because of that we were able to upgrade the hotel.


6. What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

To be a successful entrepreneur, you should focus more on the business by constantly observing and identifying the trends in the field of business. It is also imperative that you have a plan in place to mitigate any adverse situations that may arise in the future and have a strong financial institution to support you throughout the venture.

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