Abundance Mindset

Abundance Mindset

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Pramod Veturi

Pramod Veturi

130 week ago — 3 min read

A 10-year-old boy in a city wanted to eat an ice cream. So he went to an Ice cream parlor and checked out the different flavours on display. 

“How much does this flavor cost for a double scoop” – “$5,” the person at the counter replied. 

The boy had a money box with him which he opened to count the money he had. He seemed dissatisfied. He returned to the counter executive, pointed to a different flavor, and asked, ” How much does this flavor cost for a double scoop.” The same response came - ”$5 for a double scoop.”

The young lad kept checking every flavor on display and asking the same question until the exasperated counter executive responded in an irritable tone- “All double scoops for all flavors cost the same – $5.”

At which point, the kid meekly asked, "How much for a single scoop then?”.  

“Well, a single scoop is cheaper. It’ll just cost you $3,” responded the counter executive. 

The boy perks up immediately. He asks for a strawberry-flavored single scoop cone and sits at the table to lap it up. After eating the ice cream, the kid puts money on the table and leaves the shop. When the counter executive counts the money, he realizes that the boy left five dollars on the table- $3 for the ice cream and $2 as a tip for him. 

I am sure many would have heard this story. For some, it evokes a sense of gratitude; for others, it evokes a sense of being generous by doing good deeds. But, for me, this story evokes a feeling of abundance.

Abundance is that mental state where you focus on what you can give instead of what you want. The boy represents an abundance mindset where he is able to go beyond his own needs to think about sharing with others generously.

Whenever I get into a “Me” centered mindset, I think about this story as a simple reminder to be generous - To think beyond myself!


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