Another Name for Success: N.M.I. Group of Companies

Another Name for Success: N.M.I. Group of Companies

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Commercial Bank LEAP Team

Commercial Bank LEAP Team

55 week ago — 4 min read

Enterprise: N.M.I. Group of Companies

Founder: Indika Rajapaksa

Industry: Telecommunication/ LED/ Healthcare/ Renewable Energy and Logistics

Year it was founded: 1992

Location: Colombo

A very successful business company that sought success in various sectors. Let's talk today with Indika Rajapaksa, the Founder and Managing Director of N.M.I Group of Companies.


1. Firstly, let's talk about your business and its beginning, shall we?

N.M.I. A 100% Sri Lankan owned company that started as a small business and has grown over the years to become an ISO certified multi-division company. N.M.I communication was started in 1992 for providing infrastructure services to the Sri Lankan telecommunications industry. Thereafter, diversified its services into healthcare, renewable energy, LED and logistics sectors.

Currently as subsidiaries of our group, N.M.I. Infra (Pvt) Ltd, Imedra Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd, NMI Surgical Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd, Green Electric Solar, NMI Communication, Loginvin Cargo (Pvt) Ltd, Smart Me IOT Solutions (Pvt) Ltd and I Care Optical Service (Pvt) Ltd and all of them are ISO 9001:2015 certified companies.


2. How does your business differ from other competing businesses?

Our uniqueness lies in thinking new things and trying to do new things in a unique way without being trapped in a single framework. This strategy has given us the opportunity to stand out in the market. For example, we are getting into healthcare and surgical products faster than competitors. It has been a huge boost to our business profitability and to stay ahead of our competitors in all other areas. This way of thinking has helped us to succeed in other business fields as well.


3. What challenges have you faced in this journey and are you facing any recently?                  

Difficulty in finding capital for N.M.I Communication at the beginning was one of the major challenges faced by the company in 1992, it was not easy to get a business loan for a sole proprietorship. Therefore, the capital had to be found from the family's hard-earned money.


4. Let's talk about your future business dream, shall we?

Our dream is to become an internationally recognized company. It brings foreign earnings to the country and gives the results to the staff and the people of the country.


5. How was the support received from Commercial Bank during your journey?

Commercial Bank has supported us in expanding our business and providing business loans for capital investment. Also, the bank has provided us with many services including merchant services, cash flow management and online banking. We would like to thank Commercial Bank for being with us throughout our journey.


6. What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Analyzing opportunities, planning and getting advice from a well-experienced firm will help your business succeed. Renewable energy, agriculture, fisheries and tourism can be identified as sectors that can be successful.


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