Creating shipping zones for your online store

Creating shipping zones for your online store


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If you're planning to sell online or you already sell goods online, shipping orders will be a vital part of your process.

Shipping is the “make or break” point of a consumer’s online purchase.


On you can configure your store's shipping settings by enabling the right carriers and creating shipping zones.


A shipping zone is a set of geographical areas and corresponding payment options and shipping charges. Buyers on your store can place orders for only those shipping addresses that are included within your shipping zones.


You can also customise the payment options and shipping charges applicable for respective shipping zones. 


These are the points you need to consider when you are setting up your shipping zones that assist increasing your store sales and customers delight

1.   Covering enough areas to reach your target customer segment

2.   Optimising shipping costs

3.   Providing multiple payment options such a COD

4.   Incentivising higher value orders


We have created a detailed video on Shipping zones basics.

Watch the video to get some insight on shipping options you might have never considered before now!


Setting up a shipping zone involves four steps: 

1.       Add a Zone Name & Estimated Shipping Time

2.       Select Geographical Area

3.       Enable or disable Cash on Delivery

4.       Define Shipping Charges 



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