From plucking to packaging: How green tea is produced

From plucking to packaging: How green tea is produced




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Green tea is an antioxidant and rich in polyphenols, which are natural compounds that have health benefits. Green tea is used particularly by Indians and Chinese for medicinal purposes. It is used to improve the flow of blood and lower cholesterol. Green tea is also used widely for weight loss and fat burning. It is excellent to treat diabetes, skin related diseases and control blood pressure. Infact, green tea has more benefits than black tea.


Here is the step by step process of manufacturing green tea.


Tea leaves are plucked at the harvest time. For high quality one bud and two leaves are plucked as this gives rich flavours. Plucking of the green leaves take place within one week from plant.

Withering is done by allowing the leaves to dry in normal air. The enzymes present in leaves react quickly with oxygen, resulting in wilting. Withering is the process of removing the moisture from leaves and to allow it to settle down for four hours.

During oxidation, chlorophyll in leaves is broken down to release tannins. Oxidation is stopped for green tea process, depending on the type of tea that is produced. Panning is a processing step in the manufacturing of some varieties of oolong tea that is performed after fermentation.

Fixation is the process of the striking the oxidation in tea leaves. It’s done by mild heating without damaging the leaves.

Leaves are shaped into long twirls through rolling by a machine.


The final step of processing involves preparing the tea leaves. Rolled leaves are dried in a drier for panning. After this the tea is sorted, packed and ready to be consumed.


Green Tea Manufacturing Process

Processes in Green Tea Making


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