How can architects, designers & structural engineers benefit from specialised software training?

How can architects, designers & structural engineers benefit from specialised software training?

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Zaheeruddin Sk

Zaheeruddin Sk

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Background: Technology and software has transformed the construction industry dramatically. Software like Revit offer a host of benefits to architects, engineers and designers to make 3-D rendering of projects, reduce margin of error, save costs and simplify the design process. Zaheeruddin SK explains the benefits of Revit software.

Revit is an extraordinary bundle of software by Autodesk, which is used for Building Information modelling (BIM) by architects, structural engineers, designers and contractors. The software includes Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing). BIM and Revit training allows for 3-dimensional renderings of projects that include all aspects of the design of the building, starting from the structure to the electrical and plumbing features.

Training in these softwares is beneficial for students as well as professionals who want to build their career in these fields.

Revit Architecture
Revit architecture is the estimation and modelling part of any civil structure like that of shopping malls, residential buildings, schools and colleges, towers, hospitals etc. With the Revit architecture training, you can make the model with doors, windows, walls etc. You can also add different materials like stones, glass, tiles, wood etc to see how it would look and try to enhance its architectural appeal. The software also allows you to view the structure from different angles and see if the model looks good or not. The Revit architecture training also provides the functionality to assess your structure at different times of the day like at day time, evening, night etc. You can put plants, place a swimming pool, create gardens, roads, paths, boundary walls of different designs to create a design of your choice.   

You can also estimate the types of bricks, plywood, glass, tiles required which is not possible in other modelling software like Autodesk’s 3DS Max. Revit architecture has only one disadvantage—doesn’t provide estimate of steel.

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Revit Structure
This is the second pillar of the Revit pack. It deals with the analysis of civil structure. By taking Revit structure training, you can apply different types of loads and you can see the effect on the structure and identify the weak areas that can be improved in the design.  

Revit MEP
The acronym of MEP is mechanical, electrical and plumbing. The Revit MEP training provides training in mechanical systems like air conditioning etc., electrical systems like wiring, fixtures etc and plumbing system like equipment used in the washroom, kitchen desk etc. The Revit MEP training provides knowledge on how different engineers like mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers can work together and complement each other. In any case, any revision is made to the structure or any engineering is working on the older design then his/her work is not useful. Revit MEP training allows seamless collaboration of work.

The two important objectives of working in collaborating environment and removal of conflicts are met nicely in the Revit MEP training. It allows the trainees to avoid lots of rework which normally happens during the construction process and this is primarily why the Revit MEP training is so popular in the industry.

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All mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers have seen the benefit of using building information modeling in their projects. The BIM course training and Revit MEP training allows for 3-dimensional renderings of projects that include all aspects of the design of the building, starting from the structure to the electrical and plumbing features.

Creates a sound structural framework
MEP industry work on the first stage of a building. So, it is easy to predict how vital the Revit MEP training is. It is important to set all the model on board from the beginning for creating space allocation and satisfying spatial requirements for their systems and also individual equipment. Once those elements can be placed, the other design engineers can work on other aspects of the building.

Makes the design process faster
Multiple building systems require a high degree of coordination between the engineering design teams. The major challenge is avoiding overlapping locations to different building systems.

It is very difficult to visualize the whole plan in the 2-dimensional construction plan. Equipment location conflicts often. On the other hand, when all the design engineers working in the same environment, the conflicts can be detected immediately by the software.

The usage of BIM speeds up the design process, reduces repetition and design review time. Furthermore, the BIM software is capable of calculating material lists by itself, thereby saving man-hours. Therefore, by taking the BIM course training, engineers can dedicate their valuable time on the design rather than on tedious and repetitive work.

Decreases change orders during the construction process
Change orders are one of the major causes of increasing the cost of the project. And this can also lead to missed deadlines and delaying the commissioning of the designs. The BIM and Revit MEP training help the engineers to detect the requirement for change orders during the design time when modifications are done on a virtual environment, not a physical construction. Thus, it reduces the material as well as labour cost.

Simplifies maintenance cost
A virtual building model is useful when managing the property and scheduling the maintenance operations. It helps to fix problems before they occur. It is far simpler than fixing the damage when building system components break down. Because BIM includes the data on MEP components, it can be verified with routine inspection or building system modifications. The virtual building system can also be used to track the progress and schedule the replacements well in advance.

Even if the building is not really existing, but with BIM software tool can show all the existing properties of the building. Once the design is accurately done, the building becomes much simpler to manage.

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