Innovation Wins the Business World: Sachintha Lorry Body

Innovation Wins the Business World: Sachintha Lorry Body

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Commercial Bank LEAP Team

Commercial Bank LEAP Team

55 week ago — 4 min read

Enterprise: Sachintha Lorry Body

Managing Partner: Janaka De Silva

Proprietor: Manufacturing of Aluminum Bodies for Lorries

Year it was founded: 2000


The business world is constantly changing. So, to survive in the business world, the business must renew itself with modern technology and new ideas. Let's talk to Mr. Janaka de Silva, the owner of Sachintha Lorry Body, manufactures of aluminum bodies for lorries, who have built a successful business through innovation and diversification.


1. Firstly, let's talk about your business and how it was started, shall we?

I first started my business in early 2000. After gaining some experience in the field from that used lorry trade, I diversified my business by starting lorry body repair from my home. After around 2009, I was able to fully manufacture various types of lorry bodies. My business, which was started in this way, currently has a factory that manufactures complete lorry bodies and storage tanks. For both fuel and water for all types of lorries. I can proudly say that today I have given employment to over forty people a day. My main customers are leading companies in the country such as Sri Lanka Telecom, Leyland, CEYPETCO and IOC.


2. How does your business differ from other competing businesses?

We provide the quality products required by the customer at a very reasonable price, and we also maintain a satisfactory after-sales service. Also, we prominently mention our brand on our products, which is also a way to attract new buyers.


3. What challenges have you faced in this journey and are you any recently?

Over the years, I have faced many challenges. Initially, it was a challenge to enter the market with a product, compete, make a presence in the market, and adapt to the market conditions. However, with the financial support of the bank and proper guidance of its lending officers, I was able to take the right decisions at the right time, which helped me to establish myself in the market and grow. Gradually getting used to the business, I was able to make the business successful by choosing customers and maintaining the quality of my unique product.


4. Let's talk about your future business dream, shall we?

My business dream is to manufacture all types of lorry bodies and storage tanks and start exporting my products creating a name for my country.


5. How was the support received from Commercial Bank during your journey?

Commercial Bank has been my partner in success over the years. Over the years, the bank and its lending officers have guided me to take the right decisions to run my business smoothly by introducing new technology and machinery and gradually improve the quality of products.

With the help of various loan schemes, I have not only been able to improve my business but also build my house, where me and my family live today, and provide employment opportunities to many people in the country, which has helped them improve their lives.  


6. What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

The advice I can give to new and upcoming entrepreneurs is to provide affordable products to the customers, while maintaining the quality of the products. Always think from the customer's side and you will be able to get more profit as well as loyal customers. Staying ahead of the market always is an exciting challenge, and adapting to new technology is also a must if the business is to survive.


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