Joy and value of giving

Joy and value of giving


Sridhar Narayanaswamy

Sridhar Narayanaswamy

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Christmas is the time for giving. Ever wondered what makes Santa Claus so happy, jovial and loved by everyone? I believe the secret to his joy is ‘giving’ and fulfilling wishes.


I am thankful to God, that I am able to be of use to others. I have always had help reaching out to me in strange places and from strangers (who then get added to my friends’ list). This is probably because I don’t hesitate to help others whenever someone reaches out to me. Writing about the charity deeds my wife and I have been involved with, I feel is self-trumpeting and which I don’t want to do. Let all the giving we do, be known only to the respective receivers and all we need in return is a smiling ‘thank you’ from them.  We don’t expect anything in return, but are overjoyed, if someone remembers us and sends us a greeting card (and nowadays WhatsApp message!).


For the sake of this article, let me narrate just one incident. Some years ago, I was looking for an Insurance Policy for my wife and called a toll-free number. A sales executive answered and convinced me to take a policy from the company where he was working.  I had a strong feeling that this person whom I had never seen, will go far.


Two days later, the same person called me and asked me whether I need some more help. This was something rare indeed. We got into a conversation and learned that the person makes barely about Rs 10,000 or even less and that too in Mumbai. He was looking for some career growth and asked me for advice. Though he was a sales executive, he was interested in software and so I asked him to gain software skills. He again called me after two weeks and said he has joined a course and hoped to finish it in the next few weeks and wanted to join my software company. Rather than appointing him in my company, I got him a job in a friend’s company in Mumbai and the salary was double, though still not enough to live in Mumbai.


Mind you, both of us had not met even once at that time. After every six months, he would call me for advice about a new job offer he has got. Each time his salary would have either doubled or tripled.


Today, he is in one of the Scandinavian countries in a senior role in a bank’s software department and last I heard was that he is also playing cricket for the country, coached by a famous cricketer! My wife and I are very happy that a person whom we have seen only once or twice, has reached a very high position in a short time. I believe that the credit is not to me but to providence that enabled this connection between two strangers.


I think I have justified this article title fully. ‘Joy’ – I am happy to have helped someone without any expectations in return and ‘value’ – the person would have truly appreciated the value as he is now in a very good position both in terms of wealth and career.


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