Retailer's digital transformation to boost outreach, sales & customisation capability

Retailer's digital transformation to boost outreach, sales & customisation capability

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E-commerce website: Gizmoz (


Year it was founded: 2017


Founder: Owais Khan


Sector: Retail

The market for customised products has grown tremendously over the past few years. Tech-savvy shoppers with access to numerous products online and the desire to stand apart has meant that mass produced products are somewhat losing their appeal while customised products are increasingly capturing the requirements of customers spot-on.

Capitalising on the customisation trend

Owais Khan was quick to identify this trend when he started Gizmoz in 2014. Gizmoz specialises in creating customised products like t-shirts, phone-cases, masks, pillow-covers, coasters. Owais has studied animation and web design and armed with this strong design aesthetics, he started Gizmoz when he was only 22 years old.

He shares, “Customer fulfilment was the idea behind this concept. The aim is to make more designs available and give the customer an opportunity to customise their own designs.” Owais believes the USP of Gizmoz is customised products at affordable prices.

Gizmoz went digital with

After running a physical store for Gizmoz for four years in Goregaon (Mumbai), Owais felt it was time to create an online store as well. Owais shares, “The advantage of having an online store is that product listing is easy and more organised. Moreover, as a retailer I feel another advantage of online stores is that there is no scope for bargaining and one can reach a large customer base regardless of their location and time."

Owais selected to create his e-store as the platform is extremely customisable, easy to use and is absolutely free of cost and comes with logistics operations & payment gateway inbuilt.


He shares, “My online store with was up and running within a week. Product upload took some time, but I got great support from the team initially.”


The Gizmoz online store features attractive banners showcasing products ranging from t-shirts, mugs, phone accessories to funky stickers, posters and badges. The product categorisation is logical, and the prices are competitive, which makes browsing and buying an intuitive and enjoyable experience. Gizmoz seeks to revolutionise the quality of phone cases available to customers.

Physical store owners need to foray into the digital domain as well

While presently, most of Owais’ current business comes via his physical store, he is cognizant of the fact that retailers must have a digital presence to maintain their competitive advantage to be able to expand into other geographies. He opines, “Customers do enjoy the tactile experience that a brick and mortar store provides, but retailers cannot afford to ignore the online domain. Having an e-commerce store offers vast opportunities to grow one’s business, transcending geographical boundaries.”

Business dream & advice to aspirants

Owais’ big business dream is to have Gizmoz stores all across Mumbai and other cities of India and to increase sales exponentially on his online store. Having started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple, “Do what makes you happy. Things will fall into place eventually.”

Owais Khan is one of the many business owner to access the e-commerce advantage with


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