Tea and Rubber Farming Business Wins the World; Planet Agro

Tea and Rubber Farming Business Wins the World; Planet Agro

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Commercial Bank LEAP Team

Commercial Bank LEAP Team

34 week ago — 3 min read

Enterprise : Planet Agro

Founder : Madurajith Karunadasa

Industry : Tea Cultivation and Rubber Cultivation

Year it was founded : 2021

Location : Kegalle


"Planet Agro" is a very successful tea and rubber plantation business. So, let's talk to its founder Mr. Madurajith Karunadasa about its inception and current success.


1. Firstly, let's talk about the inception of your business, shall we?

After graduating in 2005, I started my career as an executive at Brandix and worked there for over 10 years. Then in 2015 I started my own consumer goods distribution business called "Planet Distributors". In 2021, I acquired a tea garden in Kegalle Ambanpitiya with the financial support of the Commercial Bank and started the cultivation business. I was also able to acquire a rubber plantation adjacent to my tea estate in 2022. This business is registered as "Planet Agro". Both plantations are being operated very successfully.


2. How does your business differ from other competing businesses?

At present we are cultivating tea using the hedgerow planting system. This system will simplify the process of harvesting & cultivation using machinery in the future.


3. What challenges have you faced in this journey and are you facing any recently?

Fertilizer prices are changing and skyrocketing, it’s the major challenge that I face. Further, finding the required work force is another challenge.


4. Let's talk about your future business dream, shall we?

Entering to the direct export markets.


5. How was the support received from Commercial Bank during your journey?

Commercial Bank supported me from the beginning of the business. They have extended their utmost support to develop these projects of mine to the present level, by providing banking facilities under concessional interest rate schemes.


6. What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Trust your vision. Turn your challenges into business opportunities. And keep learning. Think on innovation. Especially, never give up on your dreams.


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