Milky Fresh Dairies: Supplying Fresh Flavoured Milk and a Variety of Other Products

Milky Fresh Dairies: Supplying Fresh Flavoured Milk and a Variety of Other Products

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Enterprise: Milky Fresh Dairies

Founders: S.J Thrimahavithana & F. S Thrimahavithana      

Industry: Agriculture & Agri Products

Year it was founded: 2005

Location: Wellewatta, Colombo 06


The growth of Milky Fresh Dairies in Colombo has been synonymous with consistent quality, great door-to-door service and ever-increasing product range. Find out more about their business journey here.


Tell us how your business came into being.

Starting as a small milk shop popularly reputed known as ‘Kiri Kade’, we are celebrated for our fresh milk and its flavoured variants. Since then, we have expanded our services to other regions of the country. Now, we have our own manufacturing plant at our very first location, in Wellewatta where we manufacture our variety of dairy products. Today, we are well known around Colombo as Milky Fresh Dairies.


How does your business differentiate itself in the industry?

We are one of the reputed suppliers of Fresh Milk & Milk Products in Colombo. We saw a gap in the market and the quality of the service the local dairy industries had to offer. We thought we would remedy this. Our USP is our quality of fresh milk and milk product, our competitive pricing and exemplary door to door service.


What are some of the business challenges you face?
The challenge we face is to get more supply quantity from our farmers. Due to the Economic crisis raw material suppliers have become a problem.  Getting our farmers to supply more milk, so that we can manufacture more products like cheese etc.


What is your success mantra?

The road to our success is paved by -

  • Our perseverance

  • Willingness to take risks

  • Our commitment for upholding high standard of quality


What is your big business dream?

Our dream is owning our farm and expanding it to other parts of the country.


How has Commercial Bank helped in your business journey?

Commercial Bank has helped us immensely by granting us bank loans to build our business.


And lastly, what is your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice to a new entrepreneur is to chase your passion, commitment and time management.

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