Reimagine your gifting options this Diwali

Reimagine your gifting options this Diwali

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Stevan Noronha

Stevan Noronha

249 week ago — 5 min read

Background: This Diwali, reinvent your gifting options and present your employees and clients something that they will value and cherish for a long time to come. GlobalLinker member Stevan Noronha, Co-founder and head of India Operations of BrandSTIK shares his thoughts on the culture of gifting on Diwali and how to best leverage the festive season to forge a stronger connect with clients and employees.


It is that time of the year again when you can already smell the festivities in the air. In India, Diwali is a big fat festival celebrated with much fervour and gaiety and is almost incomplete without the exchange of gifts. This time is therefore a great opportunity for businesses to build a stronger rapport with new clients, renew relationships with old ones and cherish existing relationships with their employees.

Over the years, the types of gifting options have increased significantly, and it can be confusing to select the most appropriate option. To make this festive season special, you should work with an experienced gifting provider who can help you with memorable mementos for your clients and team members.

Diwali is a a great opportunity for businesses to build a stronger rapport with new clients, renew relationships with old ones and cherish existing relationships with their employees.


But before we explore various gifting options, here is a quick question for you: Do you know how the gifting tradition during Diwali started in the first place? Read on…

Early tradition of exchanging gifts during Diwali

Diwali is celebrated to honour the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. History has it that when Lord Rama returned from exile, people of Ayodhya celebrated by decorating their homes with diyas (lamps) and distributing sweets to near and dear ones. The tradition of gifting started since then and continues till date. Diwali also marks the end of the harvest season and beginning of a new financial year – a good reason to exchange gifts and sweets. This custom symbolises an expression of love, respect, thankfulness, togetherness and appreciation for one’s near and dear ones.

Diwali gifting tradition in present times

With changing times, gifting options have evolved, and a lot of innovation has crept in. Besides friends and family, it is now a norm to gift employees and clients on Diwali. It is a great occasion to appreciate stakeholders in your business growth and acknowledge their contributions. Keeping the increasing environmental concerns in mind, focus is now more on eco-friendly and sustainable gifts.

Some top gifts options over the last few years include: 

  • Wireless charging stations and power banks
  • Wireless headphone and earphones
  • Copperware drink sets
  • Travel organisers
  • Fitness bands
  • Travel bags
  • Portable speakers
  • No spill mugs
  • Flasks

These, and a lot more gifting options are available for GlobalLinker members on a merchandise store powered by BrandSTIK. Click here to see all the options.

‘Go green’ this Diwali

This year let’s take a vow to be environmentally conscious and go green. Say no to crackers. Go green with your rangoli designs. Instead of artificial colours, take it up a notch and use pulses, grams and spices this Diwali. Or you could do rangoli with flowers or paper decorations. Let your imagination run wild!  When it comes to gifting make sure that your gifts are customised keepsakes with minimum carbon footprint. You can even go the old-school way and light up diyas made of mud. Shun the plastic and electric diyas this Diwali and make it a festival where true prosperity and happiness shines bright!

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