What is luck?

What is luck?

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Khyati Shah

Khyati Shah

148 week ago — 4 min read

How funny it would be to see an anxious caterpillar, worrying about what it would become, never realising that there is nothing it can do or not do to become something beautiful.

We humans stress, plead, worry, doubt and complicate. We jump to conclusions and read everything as good luck and bad luck. So, if you are someone who believes the Universe is out to get you, maybe this blog will change that belief.

My recent spate of experiences made me understand not to label every incident as good or bad luck. I learnt that it is all about perspective, patience and faith that ultimately what is right for us will happen. We have to just keep going.

I am sharing this with the hope that someone will start looking at their life with a different perspective and level of acceptance.

Mood swings with Luck swings!

Last year my son was slated to go to UK for his further education, had even got a scholarship, but Covid struck and the plan was cancelled. Bad Luck
Due to this he took up a job and learnt better what he would like to specialise in and found a suitable institution in Canada. Good luck
Due to Covid, the VISA processing was delayed and we had to cancel the flight originally booked for him. Bad luck
His friends took a flight via Mexico, but he couldn’t. Bad luck
The students who took the Mexico route were stranded at another location for 36 hours. He was saved from that ordeal. Good luck
His friend found a temporary accommodation, but we couldn’t find anything suitable. Bad Luck
Extended family in Canada offered him to stay with them while he finds a suitable place. Good luck

The Luck Swing!

It was a roller coaster ride of feeling happy and upset, till he finally reached his destination. Each time there was a setback, we would all get in the mode of “Why me?”. Each time something went well we ‘whooped’ with joy.


Putting it all in perspective, here are some things we learned during this journey:

  • If we look at situations and events with a microscope, every step can seem to be a sign of good luck or bad luck. However, when we look at it from a broader perspective, we realise there is a path to a destination.
  • It will have its bumps, but that’s a part of the journey. Every bump is not to be analysed, but rather taken in our stride.
  • When something doesn’t go the way you expected, first check if your expectation was unreasonable.
  • Bad events will happen, it is upon us to give it a positive spin.
  • Look for other ways to move forward. Do not whine and get into self-pity.
  • Setbacks only make us stronger and more resilient.
  • Lucky people are simply those who stay positive and grab opportunities that come their way.

Staying in the game is most important

Our journey is about our lifetime effort and not just about the individual events along the way. Let us have faith that we are meant to transform to reach our full potential.


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